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Corbin & Kur

September 06 2020

What is a Kur Lytops?

Let’s see

A Kur Lytops, a.k.a. Coleen Ann Espiritu Guintu, is a cartoon character in real life. She defies physics, makes anime-style faces and sound effects, and exudes an inconceivable amount of cuteness. She has a heart to serve people, follow God’s ways, and to seek out the beauty and joy in the world – whether it be in a cute leaf, any animal ever, acts of kindness, or inanimate objects given personality by a Kur! Like Clark Kent, Kur goes around at a “regular job” by day (accountant) but in secret, she hides a superpower: she is SUPER-ART-GIRL! This power gives her the ability to make anyone [even the most hardened criminal] say “awww, what a cute/pretty/nice piece of art!” Perhaps another super power she has is kindness and likability. Even animals are drawn to her, like the goat pictured here <–


Who is Corbin,

you ask?

A Bouncing Corbin can be Described as Energetic, Faithful, Giving, Helpful, Imaginative, a Joker, Kind, Loving. there are Many more words to describe the corbin, but I will Never finish this “about me” page if I do not get On with it. he loves fun – Perhaps that is the most accurate description. he loves telling jokes that will make people laugh, or at least give them a Quizzical expression. he Really loves helping and Serving in every opportunity he is presented with to the point of pushing himself to exhaustion. bringing people Together is one of his subgoals in life. he loves nature and enjoys the beauty of the earth and really, really appreciates God’s majestic creation. he is ridiculously sweet and adorable even if he thinks himself “Unromantic.” he is Very good with Words while his brain run a mile a millisecond. he loves music and trying all sorts of instruments i do not even know existed – maybe one day we can try out a Xalam. if You have ever met a corbin, you’ll agree all these is true. he loves animals as well, oh most especially goats – that has a special place in his heart. it was made very apparent to me during our first trip to the Zoo. there is much much more to the corbin and this page will explode if we try to get them all in. so for now, i leave you with that. huzzah!


October 11, 2017

The Reveal


Owls. Stars. Giggles. Tears. Under the stars, lying down in the middle of the roadCorbin…

October 11, 2017